smiling studentSometimes an experience requires reflection in addition to focus. This is my second year chairing the conference and I find myself on a roller coaster ride. At this point in our preparations, there is so much to do, constant activity. I find myself feeling the pressure of getting things done, desperately wanting everything to be perfect and wonderful.

It is these moments that I remember what an extraordinary experience this is. I remember that I started this because of my classroom, my students. I remember¬†the many conversations with families, looking for resources, struggling to navigate the system. I remember the educators, wanting information, searching for new ways to meet their students’ needs.

I truly wish that everyone would get the chance to experience what I do.¬†Witnessing our community coming together is an inspiration. In a time when I personally feel ‘beaten up’ by some of the public discourse on education, I secretly am reassured about the power of people working together. I hope that you join us. I want you to feel inspired too.

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